To launch Bluewater Farms’ new line of fresh pressed Cranberry Juice, we created Cranman to show how super, superfruit can be.

From his reveal to the Superfruit Bowl, to even the Winter Olympics, there’s no stopping this cranberry.

2018 Winter Olympics

In the 2018 Winter Olympics, USA's Men's and Women's Hockey Teams were led by Massachusetts' very own. So to honor the state's Hometown Heroes we created shareable postcards to root them on. From live tweets to interacting with fans, sportswriters, and even local news teams, we increased Bluewater Farms' fanbase by being a fan of our local heroes.

The Inaugural Superfruit Bowl

It was a match made for a fruit basket. Since cranberries are super fruits; all we needed to do was find a little green rival (Philly Eagles) and splash, the Superfruit Bowl was concocted. From kick off to the final whistle, we live-tweeted our fictional game parallel to what was going on the field. Unfortunately, the Cranberries lost all their juice, and the Kiwis quenched their thirst.

And no friendly competition is complete without a little smack talk.